Pan African Festival Mission and Purpose

Vision: The Pan African Festival aspires to be a locally recognized festival and enduring local treasure that is a widely anticipated hub of creative and community energy.

Our mission is to present a world-class celebration of the arts and entertainment that enriches the cultural, economic and social vitality of Oregon. Furthermore, the festival creates platform for small black-owned businesses and will represent core values of excellence, diversity and relevance.

For the next three years, the festival has the following vision and goals, which are aligned with the mission of the organization. The three-year vision is to increase the positive impact on audience and the community while building a financially stable and adaptable organization.


These values guide both the team and the community, supporting our decisions and collaborations as we use the festival to advance the mission and engage a diverse community.

  • We believe in the power of people to make Oregon a better and more just place for all. We inspire and engage our community by presenting strong and diverse talent, nurturing creativity and promoting artistic freedom.
  • We believe in integrity in all situations and transactions; respecting the opinions and perspectives of others; accepting responsibility for our actions and being accountable and trustworthy in the promises and commitments we make.
  • We believe in servant-leadership to serve the needs of others. We work toward common goals, remove obstacles and get work done through others by positively influencing them.
  • We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve and in the lives of the people of those communities. Building relationships with our guests, associates and business partners helps us to keep people at the heart of our organization.
  • We believe in helping others: improving existing events and identifying new ideas that will be innovative, creative and entertaining.
  • We work with others who share our values to achieve our goals and build something greater. We cherish the culture of volunteerism and generosity of spirit that are the lifeblood of the Pan African Festival.
  • We create environments that are welcoming, safe, accessible and respectful. We honor authenticity and celebrate diversity within our community.
  • We respect the contributions of those who have created our culture and organization. We are adaptable, resilient and thrive throughout change.


The goals are to: (1) deepen audience and community engagement, (2) improve financial health of the Pan African Festival organization, (3) strengthen key partnerships and develop new mutually beneficial relationships, (4) further enhance and extend the reputation of the festival, and (5) continuously improve leadership and administration.